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Retail Merchandising Units

The importance of retail merchandising

Retail merchandising is vital for driving sales and attracting customers to your business. Use shop fittings, window displays and retail merchandising units to create effective displays of your stock to potential customers. A good product or service is not enough on its own - inspiring displays are essential to present your brand in the best light.

An effective display can also make it easy and simple for customers to find what they are looking for. Our expert and highly skilled design team can make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for with your retail displays. We offer a diverse range of retail display solutions to meet your needs and help you to choose the perfect display for your brand and products.

Retail Merchandising Units

These merchandising units are a familiar sight in shopping malls and airports. They are ideal for smaller businesses to display their stock and attract customers from those passing by. An effective retail merchandising unit can make a big impact in any retail environment by boosting your presence and making the most of your retail space investment. They allow you to display your products in an eye-catching way for all to see.

Shop fittings

Another important consideration that is key to boosting sales is how your products are displayed in-store. The science behind how an item or product is being displayed has become an increasingly important factor in retail. That is why it has become essential to make sure you hire an experienced and professional company to design and install your shop fittings. Our expert design and installation teams will be delighted to assist you and ensure you get exactly what you want.

Window displays

An effective window display can attract the attention of customers when they might have otherwise walked past the store. You may only have a split second - a quick glance from a passer-by - in which to grab your chance, show the customer what products you have to offer and persuade them to come into your store. This includes using design methods using the new technology and cutting edge graphic design, to perfectly display your items in your shop window.

Why choose MJ Exhibitions?

Our team of designers have a great deal of experience and can provide the perfect display solution for you. We always aim to design professional, exquisite retail merchandising to complement your brand and drive sales. Our team will build and install your high quality fittings to make sure they are set up correctly. We can also add any accessories that you think would help to further improve sales and enhance your display. This includes innovative display lighting, furniture and matching accessories.

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The eye-catching and attractive stand designs submitted to Zeus by MJ Design & Display stood out from the competition and helped secure the contract. The implementation went well. Marketing Project Co-ordinator Willie says, ‘The booth at the show looked beautiful and ended up exactly how it had been drawn up. In fact it looked better in real life than on paper.’

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