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Should exhibitors pay for air?
Should exhibitors pay for air?

Exhibition shows shrinking in the UK

The exhibition industry has become very expensive in the last few years and driving a lot of people away from exhibiting. Compared with Germany, the UK are charging extortionate prices for the space (up to 4 x more)! Could this be the reason for smaller UK exhibitions?

Organisers are getting greedy

Some organisers seem to be getting too greedy for money lately and are even charging for air! What do we mean by charging for air? We have had experiences in the past where customers have ordered their banner (2 m sq) and as every exhibitor wanted to lift it in the air as high as they can, only to find out that the extortionate price that they have already paid, only includes a banner to be lifted up to 4 m in the air and there is an additional cost of around £2000 for “advertising space” above 4 m height! 

Organisers are also charging people extortionate rates for late submission (to find out how to best avoid these charges, read our blog post http://www.mjexhibitions.com/Blog-Post.aspx?cmsid=117&hash=5tzvJ%2fcew6SgDXmsbunDqg. Research has shown that exhibitions in the UK are getting smaller because people are venturing into Europe to exhibit as it is much cheaper space, power, water and other venue services plus they present products to a much bigger audience. 

We exhibited at Excel just over a year ago and looked into exhibiting at the EuroShop show in Germany. Prices were 4 times less for the venue services and stand space. 

The UK also seem to be charging for anything that they can. For example, exhibition venues are charging an additional fee for build-up electricity – which means that you won’t know if your stand is working until the last day before the show starts! In other countries you have power from day one of install. If you want to stay longer in the venue and carry on with the stand, the most of the time you will not be allowed or could be charged even up to £500 per hour. Most of the times in Germany and other countries you can stay as long as you want and most of the German venues operate 24 hours.

This is the reason for many exhibition stands getting smaller. We compared the size of TV Connect 3 years ago, to the size of it in March 2017 and it is safe to say that the number of exhibitors has shrunk dramatically.  

Could this be due to the greed of organisers?

Are they willing to see the success of their exhibitions plummet, just for some more money?

It is sad, but the capitalist society that we have created now has driven people to money, rather than success through attendance, because people believe that their success is reflected in their profit.

Build up times getting shorter, restrictions getting tighter, and venue services are getting more expensive. What is going to happen to the exhibition industry in the UK?

Please have a look at some statistics showing how much exhibition and trade fairs are worth to the UK economy, how many people work in this industry, how much money visitors spend and so on… https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/blog/uk-event-industry-in-numbers-ds00/ 

I don’t think it will last for long. 

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